One Dress, Three Fits 1

If you have ever had access to fashion magazines and even read one or two of them you might already be familiar with this concept: Take a few basics and then build more than one outfits around them. I did something similar with a suitcase full of things before, but now it’s about only one dress.
A few weeks ago Verdinium challenged me to create three budgeted outfits with one dress, and I was bored and happily obliged. We decided on themes – classic/retro, dark and comfy/casual. And, of course, things I’d actually wear myself (at least mostly).

I set myself a 100,-€ budget and got to work. By now the dress I worked with was marked down (hm, this might be a good opportunity to get it myself…), and it’s this one. It looked basic enough to work with different styles yet was not too boring and had a bit of detail (read: lace).

One Dress, Three Ways 1: Elegant


I started with something rather classic. I’m a big fan of the pleather shoes – I probably wouldn’t wear them myself, but I think they are cute and far too rarely seen nowadays. There’s also a bit of whimsy going on with the tights and the key necklace to make it less conservative. And I opted for a chunky oversized cardigan rather than something more sophisticated to go with the jersey dress. This is supposed to be comfortable, after all.
I’d imagine this would be a nice outfit for an afternoon in the library or a pretty café.
One Dress, Three Ways 1: Nightshade


Nightshade could also be called strega, or gothpunk, or something like that. I tried to make an outfit for something a bit more Shadowrun, hardened, but not too hard. Maybe a city witch?  The lace on the dress and the dangling earrings break the hard lines and the different textures – the leather (also the details of the boots), wool and dark grey jersey of the hoody make it more interesting.
One Dress, Three Ways: Cute Casual


This is obviously the one I’d wear on a daily basis. It’s a shame that I couldn’t find a shawl with a badger print, but other than that I’m happy. It has comfy shoes, dainty details (the dandelion necklace and the lantern earrings), house colours and chunky accessoires like the leg warmers and the flannel. And that Head Girl pin I’ll get some day, even though I think that antique silver would have been prettier with the yellow, but nevermind.
I hope you enjoyed this post, somethings like this might happen again.

14 thoughts on “One Dress, Three Fits 1

  1. I love the dress! The second combo is probably most me although I LOVE the tights in the first combo. I also love the third combo as it is my Hogwarts house, even though I do not like yellow!

  2. Now I really want a dress like that. Maybe that is the occasion to finally use that 4 meters of black lace that have been in my stash since forever. By the way, my favourite outfit is the second one, it looks a lot like my usual autumn style. I have a very comfy black hoodie zipper jacket from the H&M men’s department that I wear with almost everything in autumn. It already has a few holes but I don’t want to part with it.

  3. I love them all, but the first two are my favourites (personally) – but I could imagine the Hufflepuff one on you so well! (by the way I’ve seen those Hogwarts pyjamas you mentioned yesterday, but I had to go for the Moomin one.. *__* tough decision)
    and I urgently need those cat tights (seen them a couple of times already and they are so cute)
    oh and those three styles, which I all like, remind me of this picture xD:

      1. yes (at least in the store in Essen), they call it “loungewear” (comfy trousers and a shirt with different Moomin characters printed on them), but I use it as a PJ .. just couldn’t resist. Moomins! :D

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