UFO Saturday


Hey, look at that, I’m still alive! Sorry for the silence lately, the new semester just started and I had to get my schedule in order while obsessing about my new Changeling chronicle. Fragile just left after her character creation and I can’t wait to get started for real.


On other nerdy projects I finished a banner for a friend’s LARP group. My assignment was a nonagram, but as their theme is somewhat fantasy-ish celtic inspired so I went and embellished it some more (with consent, of course).

I don’t craft so much right now as I’m occupied with uni papers and worldbuilding, the latter being my creative outlet at the moment. I’ll probably throw in some of the results in the near future. And NaNoWriMo is just seven days from today, wohoo!

I hope you feel just as inspired at the moment, have a great weekend! ♥


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