10 Things I ♥ in October


  1. Elemental Adornments by Christi Anderson on Etsy. While far out of my price range (because I’m a poor student) I admire her craftswomanship immensely, especially the Journey of Life locket. She also has a catalog I think might find it’s way onto my book shelf some day, just to look at it.
  2. The smell of melting sugar. I’ve been preserving some fruit lately and plan on making sweets this winter, too. The whole progress of baking and making sweet things, too, is somethings so magical and relaxing to me. I’d like to think that I was working in a patîsserie in another lifetime, maybe.
  3. Cabin Porn. I don’t have the book (yet) but the trailer looks amazing for the part of me that wants to be a reclusive wood dweller (especially the house around 1:00). And of course there’s the regular website (where the picture is from). House share with a big self-sufficient garden and goats, anyone?
  4. Le Heart Design, adorable-yet-morbid mouse taxidermy by Léa Mai Nguyen. She even made a how-to video (which is really interesting if you’re interested in taxidermy, obviously). I’m not sure if I would ever try this, but I sure found it interesting enough to post here. Also, taxidermy Mouse Guard fanart.
  5. My new haircut. Yes, I eventually cut off the dreadlocks and I don’t even regret it. I missed the wind in my hair so much.
  6. Northern Exposure, a slice-of-life series from the first half of the 90s. It’s my go-to comfort watch after Great British Bake Off has ended for another year. I’m completely enarmoured with Chris and Marilyn and my Mum used to have Maggie’s haircut back in the early 90s. I also like Alaska.
  7. Prepping Changeling. I’m so much looking forward to the chronicle! All four core charaters are already written together with one or two guest characters (and I love love love my NPCs and my town).
  8. A visit from Verdinium! She’s arriving here on Wednesday, and we plan to go on a day trip to Cassel on Thursday, and she’ll stay ’til Sunday!
  9. Sims 3 as a Worldbuilding Tool. I use it extensively for my Changeling preparations at the moment to bring life and a more visual approach to the fictional college town of New Kirkwell, ME.
  10. Rising early. It might be a bit unusual to like that in the dark half of the year, but I actually enjoy it. It feels like the world belongs more to me during the hour-and-half beween getting up and going to uni.

4 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in October

  1. Wow, you look so different without the dreads! I thought they suited you well, but I bet they take a lot of work to maintain.

    And yessss, I’m an early bird too :) I love that quiet bit when the nocturnal creatures are going to bed, but the diurnal creatures are not yet up. It’s like a different world.

  2. The first five things all look awesome! Wow, you are playing Changeling? So cool! I remember you sent me a link to the books but I have never got anyone together to play, I never seem to organise LARPS well lol!

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