Verdinium Visits: Town Stroll

Sorry for the unannounces absence, real life and uni had me busy. But one of the things that kept me busy was a visit from Verdinium, so at least it was a pleasant distraction. We spent a good deal of the four days watching Mr. Selfridge and scrolling through tumblr, but I took a few pictures of the things we did aside from that.

We went for a stroll through my beautiful town on Wednesday because Verdin had never been up on the castle hill. It’s quite the way up there so we made some stops inbetween.




Before she’d had her way with my hair. I’m too lazy most of the time to curl my hair, but it’s kind of fun to act as a hairdressing doll for once.




We finally conquered the castle. Verdin was quite taken with the amount of historical buildings in Marburg, and the castle took the cake. It’s not Versailles but pretty in a sturdy way.




Leaving the Castle Museum for next time we went back down, even finding an abandoned house with a beautiful apple tree nearby. It’s a pretty way, the weather was great and the trees were golden, too. Thanks to my town for presenting itself in the most favourable light possible!


_ _ _ _ _

Disclaimer: The three narrower pictures are by Verdinium, the rest is, as usual, by me.


5 thoughts on “Verdinium Visits: Town Stroll

  1. It’s so lovely! I wish I lived on the doorstep of a castle (if not *in* one)! :D Also, that is a cute picture of you, definitely curl your hair more often :P

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