10 Things I ♥ in November


  1. My fluffy new house shoes.
  2. Beautiful Crystal-Meets-Mushroom Night Lights (two of my favourite things!) by Shroom in the Room on Etsy. The perfect thing for a fairy tale place! My favourite is the warmly glowing Rugged North, of course.
  3. Sleepy Hollow, once again (still the TV series). I already put it in a list once back when I started watching it but I appreciate it so much more now. My current NaNoWriMo projects is set during the American Revolutionary War and Ichabod is the most entertaining source of information about the period at the moment.
  4. The Belmond Royal Scotsman Edinburgh, probably the most luxurious train I’ve ever seen. A holiday on it would be surely great, read about it here on Vogue.com. It’s not exactly my price range, but a girl can dream.
  5. Postmodern Jukebox. I can’t believe I never mentioned them here before! A project of jazz pianist Scott Bradlee’s they play jazz and other retro and old-timey renditions of Top 40 hits. My favourite might or might not be their version of Fountains of Wayne’s Stacy’s Mom. The best thing? They’re touring Europe in early 2016!
  6. The College of Wizardry LARP series in Czocha castle, Poland. As a potterhead I’m naturally intrigued by the concept, and their website and short ABC report surely look great. They also have a beautifully detailed design document for their school (even with information about other wizarding universities!). Do I have to mention that I really, really want to go there?
  7. Tell a Tale Jewelery from Monica L. Knighton’s web shop. I pretty much want everything from the section, but first and foremost the Field Mice and the Introvert necklace.
  8. My local NaNoWriMo community. We have write-ins twice a week in cozy cafés and they’re all so pleasant company in a wonderful place. Maybe we can continue those weekly meetings after November ends, who knows.
  9. Monster Rubber Stamps for teachers by Fishcakes. My favourite are these two. We’re giving them to Weirdboy for Yule (he’s currently training as a teacher in Berlin).
  10. Astolat Castle, a massive, most impressive Dollhouse. The miniature craftsmanship is marvellous, but see for yourself at their website. There’s also a well-made tour at Bloomberg’s.

One thought on “10 Things I ♥ in November

  1. I really want to go to the Harry Potter LARP! It’s definitely a dream!

    Great jewellery, love the night lights! Utterly magical!

    I love old things so that train would also be a trip I would love!

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