Needle Bound Thrift Wool

Back in Summer when Scoundrel and I went to visit his parents we went thrift shopping in Bielefeld. Among other things he found a peacock-coloured vest he loves, and I found… this.


Five skeins of beautiful rough un-dyed wool, perfect for making things in the unkempt, natural look I so adore.


I made wrist warmers out of the first skein, brushing up on my needlebinding skills. I had bought the needle earlier in the year on a faire, by chance. I’m not quite sure yet what to do with the rest of the yarn but I think I’ll stick to this technique. Maybe a pair of leg warmers? Who knows.


The warmers were finished surprisingly fast, given that I had to re-learn needlebinding (I tried it ages ago and subsequently had forgotten everything), it was fun and rather easy.

I just love the look of the rows and the thickness of the result. I’ve already been wearing them on LARP evenings and now that it’s gotten cold I’ll wear them to uni, too.


3 thoughts on “Needle Bound Thrift Wool

    1. There are several needlebinding tutorials on youtube. It’s not exactly knitting, it’s a different technique, but I think it’s more practical when you do it on the road a lot (while commuting or something like that) because you only have one needle and the whole thing doesn’t unravel as easily as knitting.

Any thoughts?

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