Thrifting Lately

I noticed that the cool thrift finds kept piling up lately but that I hadn’t written about them. Not only have I been thrifting with Scoundrel and on my own but also with Verdinium when we took a day trip to Kassel.

With the cold and dark season finally here I’m fond of tea lights and candles. This one lives on the board over my bed now, together with two golden tassels.



The steel-toed boots were a lucky find. My old ones have been in a desolate condition for ages and I could finally throw them out after getting these for 12€ in exactly my size in one of our thrift shops here in town. They’re not even worn out yet, I suspect they’ve been worn only once or twice overall.
The other pair of shoes I wasn’t really sure about in the beginning but Verdinium convinced me to take them anyway. They are not only fitting for Mori Kei but also for LARP should I ever play something that doesn’t run around on the battlefield all the time (which I plan for, kind of).


Apropos LARP, there were these two guys who now have a new home with me and will be put to good use. I couldn’t just let them stay at the shop where someone might have picked them up for a bad taste party or something like that just to throw them into the darkest corner of a closet afterwards. I’m a fan of second-hand fur, everything is better than to throw away animals that had to die for fashion. They still need names, though.



Those are the aforementioned tassels. I really like them, I’ve developed quite the fondness for things like this, anyway. Maybe I need to wear more Dolly Kei again. Also, look at that pretty candle holder I got for 50 cent. The candle is one that I found along a few others in a giveaway box on the street, by the way.


And last but not least I snatched up a few tartlet tins for small portions of cake, with my oven being so tiny and everything.

Have you had any good thrift hauls lately?


3 thoughts on “Thrifting Lately

  1. Mmm, the tartlets look delicious!

    Those little fur animals look so cute! I am glad you are going to name them!

    All your finds are so good! My shops have been a bit spare recently, although I have found some secondhand books!

  2. I love those two little creatures! They look like they would be fun to have as familiars, hehe! I agree that they deserve good names :D I’ve also been looking for a tealight holder like that one, it’s lovely! Your place looks so warm and autumnal, too <3

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