UFO Saturday

This week I’m having a long weekend – our professor has been abroad since Wednesday so I finally had the chance to catch up with a few projects and a few hours of sleep.


First of all I’ve been cleaning out the closet (again) and am currently busy with refashion projects (aside from the things I’ve taken to the charity shop yesterday, yay for more closet space!). More on that when it’s actually finished!



I’ve also taken up embroidery again to keep my hands busy during Pathfinder sessions, I’m curious how it will turn out in the end. And I’m collecting egg cardboard, this time for Verdinium.

And last but not least I’ve been baking. I’m still experimenting with the ideal mulled wine cake recipe and have been trying a new cheesecake recipe, too, but I think I might finally have figured out how to bake something in that shoebox of an oven of mine without the outside turning to charcoal and the inside still runny, which is kind of a success. Also the oven doubles as heating which is nice.


I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! ♥


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