10 Things I ♥ in December


  1. The Felted Fox Hats (look!) by Vaivanat on Etsy. I’m thinking about getting myself one for Yule…
  2. The Shop of Medusa Dollmaker on Etsy. I’m especially fond of the planchette pendant and the Cosmic Lover print (I’ll keep the latter in mind for my next place!).
  3. Verdant Tile Design, a tile and pottery manufacture located in Seagrave, Ontario. Artisan Mary Philpott creates beautiful things inspired by medieval art and the works of William Morris (one of my favourites, as well). Her sculptures remind me of turn-of-the-century bronze works and I think I might need one of the decorative tiles someday, probably one with a hare motif.
  4. Signed, Sealed and Undelivered, a project about a trunk full of letters from the 17th century. This is such a valuable and exiting window into the past!
  5. This Seasons Greetings Card by Wolfskulljack. Check out the rest of her work, too, it’s beautiful!
  6. How to Nail Your First Day at Hogwarts on SparkLife by Vitoria Bas aka. bloodyhellharry. I love her art, and while September 1st is far over (or away yet, either way) one can never know when they need this guide…
  7. Miniatures by Khara Ledonne. I’m quite sure that this locket is my favourite (it has a ship, for things’ sake!), but night skies and constellations are usually a safe way to get my attention, too.
  8. Grace Nuth. She sadly doesn’t seem to update Domythic Bliss and The Beautiful Necessity anymore, but you might have the luck of catching a glimpse of Catty-Corner Cottage‘s beautiful interior and there’s her main page, of course. I really adore her style of decoration and love scrolling through her archives for fairy tale-ish inspiration.
  9. This compendium of Free Historical Patterns all over the internet.
  10. Glühwein-Flavoured Everything. You know how Americans are with pumpkin spice in October? Well, during the cold months Germans are exactly that but with mulled wine/wassail. Tea, cake, jellies, deodorant (I honestly have no idea if there is such a thing)… I’ll take everything. I even made mulled wine sirup lately because I never actually drink the stuff and wanted something more potent in flavour for my cake experiments.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in December

  1. OMG so many beautiful things I cannot comment about them all but how sad is it we missed out on Hogwarts because the Muggle Borns born in our era had their records destroyed by the dark lord! Also those William Morris-esque tiles! !!!!

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