HLMD: Animals and Archaeology

Here we go, the promised second post about the HLMD, this time about the natural history and archaeology collections. If you are sensitive towards taxidermy this might not be the post for you. Just saying. I left out the dissected pigeons, though.


They put the Bad Vilbel Oceanus mosaic right next to the entrance under a glass roof mocking an atrium, a well-made presentation for the biggest Roman mosaic we have in Hesse.


I think she looks a bit like a Tove Jansson character, to be honest.


The non-antiquity archaeological exhibition of the HLMD is located right next to the Art Nouveau den on the subterranean level of the museum in the old workshops. This means that they don’t have much space to showcase their exhibits but they did the best job they could with what they were given.


I might have a thing for early medieval damascened belt buckles. Or damascened things in general.


See that hatchet on the top? That’s my favourite form, Lanquaid II.


On the other side of the corridor there are two courtyards, this is the Gothic one. All the fern and the high walls make it a place perfect for fairytale or myth readings.


Enough with the remains of generations past, onwards to zoology.


The Darmstadt Dioramas are special as they are part of the original concept of the HLMD, all the way back from 1906 (the taxidermy is even older!). They were luckily not destroyed during WWII, but restored with a little help from old photographs and are now again part of the show.


They call it the skeleton herd. I call it the skeleton army.


The main focus of this department is biodiversity, and how preparation works.

Some of the exhibited tools and of course taxidermy is from the 18th century when the museum was founded as the personal Wunderkammer collection of the local prince.
They also have two of the most fabulous pigeons ever.


The museum is so large that they have guided tours themed for each bigger department. Zoology alone can keep you busy for two hours or so.


Aaand we’re done. Good riddance, HLMD, at least for another year! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful museum, just not when you visit it twice in one week and both times heavily pressed for time and your professor messes up the timing for your presentation (I’ve been the tiniest bit stressed out lately).

Anyway, this is a great example for a museum that came from a noble’s collection, stuffed with interesting things and able to keep you busy for a whole day. Again, they have a website, and now you won’t have to read another post on museums until the middle of December. ^^


3 thoughts on “HLMD: Animals and Archaeology

  1. i love the courtyard and the painted woodland background in the display with all the birds. I’m not the biggest fan of taxidermy, but I do think these displays can be helpful for learning about nature and different species.

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