5 Last-Minute Commercially Alternative Midwinter Present Ideas


  1. Make a tea bag or buy a tea strainer, add your favourite loose tea and a pretty thrifted tea-spoon (you can get these easily at charity shops or sometimes even in give-away boxes if you live in a bigger town).
  2. Make a dry cake mix in a jar and combine it with a pretty cake tin.
  3. Pour candles into pretty thrifted mugs or cups.
  4. Sew or embroider a pillowcase, maybe a thrifted one with a cute border and lace (and stuff it, maybe with spelt or grains?). I really don’t know anybody who dislikes pillows. Include a gift card for a pillow fight.
  5. Give a small, pretty enamel pot and fill it with chestnuts to cook in it. Thread a ribbon through the handles and tie a bow on top.

Everything in this list can be easily thrifted or bought fairy cheap and environmentally friendly. All these need are 10€ tops and a little bit of your time, and the things aren’t useless on top of that.


3 thoughts on “5 Last-Minute Commercially Alternative Midwinter Present Ideas

  1. I love these! Especially the candle and pillow ones. I’ve seen those same teacup candles for sale in fancy shops for ridiculous prices! Another good idea I found (and want to try myself next year, once I get my herb garden going…) is making your own tea (or chai) blend. Just add kitchen cupboard spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or caraway seeds (or dried flower petals like calendula or lavender) to loose black tea, and pack in a pretty jar (or homemade teabags)! You don’t have to use anything you don’t already have :)

  2. Yes yes yes I am always grateful for tea and cake and chestnuts would be good too! Although the usual presents I receive are books from my local Indie bookstore, which I am very ok with!

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