Printed Needles: My Yule Tree


During the last 15 years my Mum didn’t want to have a tree for Midwinter. It only takes up space and then it sheds its needles everywhere and it’s another tree cut off, too. So we had branches and at some point started to simply decorate the dracaena in the kitchen (which worked perfectly well, too).
When I stopped going to the shire last year – my Mum often works night shifts during the holidays, anyway, so I visit before when she actually has time and nerves – I decided that it was time to get back to the tree issue. Having only little space though proved to be a problem, but right after the holidays I found something to work around that with, and this year I finally had my first own Yule tree.


The thing’s IKEA’s Vinter 2014, and I think it’s wonderful. It’s a tree that’s taller than me, it doesn’t dry up and it will last for years. I hang the decorations with pins and thumpthacks which works perfectly well, and I can even sleep under it.


As far as decoration goes I kept it rather simple and mori. I used the straw ornaments my Mum usually includes in the advent and holiday packages she sends me, two bell strings and the rest is DIY. I was rather sure that I posted a tutorial for the garland at some point last year but couldn’t find it so obviously I didn’t, but you surely know the aluminium stars. I also included dried citrus fruit and my retired tea strainer, filled with a potpourri.


Did you have any decoration up for the holidays, whatever they might be?


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