2015 in Review

Oh 2015, what ever should I call you? You were so filled with stress and grief and problems, but there were so many good things, too.


For example I finally had business cards printed and fulfilled my dream of being part of the artist alley at the RPC 2015. A slightly more fleshed-out version of this post made it into a book that had a reading on the same con, too, and I was invited to read it myself. Speaking of firsts, I also got my first tattoo. More to follow.


I turned 26 in September and Scoundrel and I had our 5th anniversary in April, shortly after our awesome trip to Amsterdam (we already booked the tickets for 2016!).

ConQuest 15

Chroniken 15

My other trips were mostly LARP, Beyond the Seals, Mythodea Chronicles and ConQuest.


The projects I am most proud of this year were my rag rug and the quilt I made for my grandmum, and the one that was most loved was the cushion I gave Scoundrel for Midwinter.


And of course I spent time in nature, and this picture of sheep in the October sun is one of my favourite photos I took all year!

I hope 2016 won’t be as stressful (I won’t go into details, but I was ill a lot and had so much to do with Uni), but I already fear that won’t be. But I’ll be better prepared, and that’s half of the work after all.

I wrote a whole of 120 (121 with this one) blog post, that’s seven more than last year, so I’m content, but more on my blogging (and other) resolutions next week. Thanks for sticking with me this year, too, and of course welcome to all the readers that joined in 2015, I’m happy to have you in my little aether tribe!

We’ll spend New Year’s Eve with friends and raclette tomorrow, and maybe a bit of firework. I’ll see you next year! ♥


5 thoughts on “2015 in Review

  1. Happy new year! Looks like 2015 was pretty busy for you! The quilt and the cushion are gorgeous (I’m hoping to make my own quilt when I get my new sewing machine) :D And please post more of your art! It looks really cool.

    1. Happy new year to you too! And thank you for the kind words! I’ll be working on a few bigger projects this year so I’ll probably show more art anyway, but it feels great to be encouraged, thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventures and craft projects; I’ve enjoyed reading about them very much over the last year. I hope you have a more relaxing 2016.
    xx Katie

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