UFO Friday


So far the new year has been fairly productive. I started out with repairing a bunch of stuff that had been lying around for ages, and I’ve also cleaned out the closet and got rid of other things, too. With the move in Summer dawning at the horizon I just want as little clutter as possible that I’d have to take with me, especially when I’m not too emotionally attached to it.


Now I’m in the shire at my mum’s place while Scoundrel has guests of his own (there’s a big Flower Power party this weekend and they’re all attending), soaking in the bathtub and sorting out even more things. While doing so I found a crinkle effect cotton that’s perfect for my next project – it’s for a new LARP character! And I bought buttons for the kit as well – tomorrow I’ll look for fabric in the big city when we go for a mother-daughter trip to Frankfurt.


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