10 Things I ♥ in January


  1. Joe Hogan’s Baskets. The basket weaver from Loch na Fooey makes such wonderful things, especially his more artistic baskets (The catkin bowls and the lichen one! The ones with handles from the bogs!) are something out of the lands of the fae, a changeling’s cradle, something to collect will-o’-the-whisps in.
  2. The fantastic creations of Dixmacabre. I love the lavish, dark designs, such a perfect balance of gothic and classic Lolita styles.
  3. Her Reputation for Accomplishment, a blog centered around Janeite pasttimes, especially penwomanship. I hope I’ll find enough violets this year to try out her “parlour chemistry” (great term, by the way), and I love the idea of sealing with wafers!
  4. Yoga. It’s one of my resolutions this year to work out for myself a little more and so far I’m doing fine (read: I’m doing). I use the Yoga Solution videos on YouTube because I like Tara’s soothing voice and her gentle approach. On some days I only do yoga for only ten minutes and on others for half an hour or so, but I think I’ll find my pace sooner or later. The yoga mat I use was my Yuletide present to myself, it’s the Maha Jute Mat in beige. I found it at TKmaxx, happy that there was something neutral in colour I can take with me when I go larping, too.
  5. Fingerless Gloves from nb Gloves & Mittens on Etsy. I’m especially fond of the ones with zippers and the ivory ones with red roses (in fact the first ones I saw).
  6. The Steamboat Arabia. I’m nowhere near the Missouri River but if I were I’d go visit the museum centered around the sunken steam boat. I love time capsules like this, and when I first read this article I was intrigued. Imagine finding something like this!
  7. Aviary Attorney on Steam. It’s obviously a spoof of Phoenix Wright but with a delightful design modeled after 19th century etchings. It’s not complete yet if one is to trust the comments, but once it is I’ll probably get it, just because of the delightful trailer and the whimsical design.
  8. The Borgias from 2011. I admit that I don’t exactly watch it for the plot because scheming and plotting are not my thing exactly, but the costumes are worth it. I like it better than The Tudors, though, maybe because the characters are, as strange as that sounds, more relatable.
  9. Analogue Photography. There’s something special about real photographs that are not made of pixels but of light and chemicals. There is a whole other quality to them, maybe because they don’t only record the scene but catch it. I started taking pictures with disposable cameras again for now until I can excavate my old simple camera from what ever box it got stuffed into at my mum’s place. It might not be perfect for the environment, I admit that, but it feels good for the soul.
  10. 2016, of course! A new year means new adventures and chances, I’ve always liked that. And with getting rid of so many things I had a great start, too.

One thought on “10 Things I ♥ in January

  1. Wow, you found so many beautiful things! Those baskets and gloves!

    Borgias was pretty amazing, I heard all this stuff all my life about what an evil woman Lucretia Borgia was, but she started out a frightened child married off, and having awful things happen to her! She is definitely much more relateable than I would have thought! And all those other families were awful too!

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