Thrifting in January ’16

After I asked what you’d like to see more on the blog somebody said they’d enjoy more thrifting hauls. I decided to put all of my January finds into one post – it wasn’t that much after all.


I found this decadent brass hanger when I visited my Mum in the Shire. They have a little shop at the buyback centre there (it’s a quite common thing in Germany, I don’t know about other places, though). The Nutcracker is from Oxfam from a trip to Kassel with Scoundrel for sushi and thrifting (our usual schedule when we visit the city).


Also in the Shire I looked for new forks (I have no idea whatsoever where mine ended up, really) and this is one I bought for LARP purposes.
The books are all from the open book shelf at our supermarket – I frequently put books there and lately there has been a pleasing amount of fantasy fiction. I still have to read them, though, at the moment I’m making my way to one of the Redwall books – also from the open shelf.


And of course I couldn’t keep my hands off the doilies. I have a plastic bag stuffed full of them yet I almost always buy one when I go to the thrift shop down the road. Isn’t the rectangular one the prettiest?

And last but not least I found this amazing alpaca wool pullover at Oxfam, too. It was surprisingly cold when we strolled through Kassel and I just wanted something warm and in the last shop we went I found this wonderful fluffy thing hanging around. It goes down to my thighs so I can wear it with only a pair of leggings as a dress, and it keeps me incredibly warm and cozy. It also reminds me of a poncho my Mum used to have when I was little, which is yet another plus.


I love how the colours are really neutral but the pattern makes it more exciting again.
When Scoundrel took the picture he joked, “You look as if you are about to kill the person behind the camera.” I’m not, this is just what happens when I cover my mouth. It’s the eyebrows, I swear!

Have you had any good thrift finds in January? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “Thrifting in January ’16

  1. The hanger and the fork look like honest-to-goodness antiques! Nice finds :D
    The Redwall novels are also on my to-read list – they were my bf’s favourites as a child and he’s forever recommending them to me :)

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