10 Things I ♥ in February


  1. Frock Flicks, a snarky and knowledgable blog about period drama costumes. Hat tip to Carou who shared the link on Facebook!
  2. The Barbie Fashionista Dolls. More body types! Sure, they still look like models, but this is such a great step in such a great direction (also, Barbie, just like He-Man, was never meant to look realistic, wasn’t she)! Now all Mattel has to do is launch them with more movable joints so I can customize one and finally have a (sort-of) Hedgefairy Barbie. Read an interview with Mattel HQ here for more insight. (picture via)
  3. Speaking of dolls, the Amazing Dollmaking of Michael Zajkov. His creations are incredibly lifelike, and I must admit that I’d be rather uncomfortable sleeping in a room with one of his dolls, as beautiful as they might be. Have a look at them here.
  4. The Weird Threads installment on Black Dandies. I loved this movement ever since I first heard of it, it just looks so cool. I wish more people dressed as dapper and bold as those guys. Hat tip to Verdinium for showing me Weird Threads (the Lolita episode, to be precise, which is really well and respectfully made, too). They obviously didn’t continue the format, sadly.
  5. Haptic Lab‘s Constellation Quilts. I’m a lover of stars and space so it’s no wonder I fell for these quilts. I’m not quite sure which one I like best, this one in navy or the original one (the green tint is lovely). If you like quilts and awesome ship-shaped kites (!!!), make sure to admire the rest of their site and shop, too.
  6. Another set of videos Verdinium showed me: Begin Japanology. It’s an in-depth series of short documentaries on Japanese culture (there is a follow-up program called Japanology Plus, too, that’s currently airing) by NHKworld and definitely worth a look or two. I let it run in the background while working so I can even learn something while doing something as dull as computer colouration, and I love it.
  7. Hari’s Treasure’s Shoti Maa In the Mood Tea. It’s a hibiscus-orange blend supposed to stimulate the root chakra and your creative energy. No matter if you believe in that it’s really tasty and I love the little fortune cookie phrases on the tea bag paper slips.
  8. Clay Face Dolls by Oso Polar. She makes the cutest creatures, I almost couldn’t decide which one to feature but then settled for Bread Mouse (because I love mice so much *insert delighted squeaky noise here*).
  9. Dickensian, yet another BBC series I love to watch (this month is a bit heavy on the stuff-watching side, but I simply let the things run in the background while drawing so I go through a lot of it at the moment). Imagine all of Charles Dickens’ characters living in the same London at the same time and add a good dose of whodunnit and you’ve got Dickensian. This being the BBC they naturally did great when it came to costuming, I mean just look at that beautiful aging job they did on Fagin’s coat!
  10. This palette of Traditional Japanese Colours on Wikipedia. I’m frequently using it for the project I’m working on – those are colours I’d use as watercolours, too, and they make working with digital media so much more pleasant – and I initially wanted to link to it in my Defense of Colour post but then forgot to put it in in the end. (picture via)
    By the way, the hue of blue I used for the bold parts of this post is called 舛花色 (masuhana-iro or opposite flower colour).

Any thoughts?

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