First Time in Frankfurt

Thrift Shop Taxidermy

Not for me, of course (you see, I was born there, so recalling my first visit of the city could prove difficult) but for Verdinium. She hails from the very south of the republic so Frankfurt is at least a bit less of a trip for her without being trouble for me.

Long story short we met up in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen after a odyssee caused by her GPS (seriously) and headed into the city, stopping by the Asia shop and a nearby thrift shop.

The Creepy Blue Boy. Like in Coraline.The most horrible fur coat ever up to now.

The most horrible thing we found there was this magenta-white fur jacket. Not only did it look scary but the thought that animals had to die for that… What bothered me most was that it wasn’t even that old (other than most fur coats in thrift shops that are at least well-worn). Well, have a very unflattering picture of me getting bit by another piece of fur.

Wow, I look stupid.

Really, really unfortunate.
After a short tube trip to Oxfam (I’ll show you my thrift haul at the end of the month) we went to IIMORI, my favourite café in the whole city (closely followed by the Lesecafé, but more about that some other time).

That's a Mont Blanc swiss roll. Very sweet, very tasty with green tea.

Verdinium’s order, and the picture’s by her, too.

Taking pictures of food is an essential part of day trips between us."I want to do NSFW things to that cake!" - Verdinium

What can I say, she really fell in love with the place – and especially their cake. We made plans for her to return as soon as possible, then for a few days.

Now for my shame, because after we went to LUSH (I wanted a bath bomb for my next visit in the Shire and Scoundrel needed new showering soap and asked me to get some when I was there anyway) we went to Primark.
I’m not a fan of Primark. I’m not a fan of fast fashion in general. But it was a Hogwarts Alumni shirt, and Verdinium made it my belated birthday present. Aaaah.

Badger Pride! Also, sustainability shame.

There also was a rack with sale canvas bags and I have to admit that I bought one. There was a playing card on it, that’s all I can say in my defense.

This is funny because of my current project. You'll see.

I actually feel guilty about that. Now the least I can do is wear the most out of these two items.
I could have – you see, I thought about this quite a bit – simply not told you about buying something at Primark, but a) I’m a terrible liar and would probably have written a random confession post sometime in the far future and b) I’m not perfect. I try to buy and eat and be as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible, but sometimes I slip. That’s fairly normal and I think it’s important to show that, too.

Is anyone reading these captions?

And now, for the end of the post, have an actually flattering picture of me, devoutly holding the onigiri I was eating at that moment. Thanks for the picture, Verdinium, and thanks for the wonderful day trip. I hope the next one will not be too far in the future!


4 thoughts on “First Time in Frankfurt

  1. Not to far in the future. Yup. That’s what she says, after getting me hooked on that excellent cake I can’t get anywhere even remotely close. One day you will be conquered in my very own kitchen, Mont Blanc, you and your creamy fluffy goodness!

    Let me say something about the bad-conscience-shirt: In my head things like these belong into the box of happy memories (that may or may not be ethically sound), which, like sweets, are kinda okay if they’re relished instead of mindlessly consumed. [And if that doesn’t make you feel better, just blame me, that’s the kind of guilt I can deal with (^_−)☆]

  2. Sounds like a really fun trip! I would love to go to Frankfurt!

    Also how can I fault anyone for buying Hogwarts things? I am sure at least a portion of the money goes to the school upkeep!

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