UFO Friday

I have no idea how I manage to do anything but draw and colour during the week, but somehow I did.



That’s Scoundrel’s hat for his (not really, it’s complicated) new LARP character Giavan. He got the second-hand felt hat online and then I added a sharper bend in the crown and the hat band and a few other little things like making the brim more narrow – it was just to floppy the way it came.


The only thing I’ve been making for my own kit was shredding rags for my bumroll – it needs a lot of them for filling but then again I’ve got a whole box of scraps that I usually use instead of paper towels. This way the box doesn’t spill over anymore, at least.

I also worked on a design shift for the blog so don’t be startled tomorrow (I promise it won’t be too bad).

Have a great weekend, everybody! ♥


2 thoughts on “UFO Friday

    1. Thanks a lot! I have no idea, actually, but I’m glad I do somehow. Streamlining the social media buttons for example was done while I was having lunch – I couldn’t work, but a few lines of html were okay.

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