Recap: 101 Things in 1001 Days II

It’s February 20th and my second 101 things in 1001 days challenge has come to an end.

  1. Submit a design to teefury, riptapparel or threadless.
  2. Start and publish a weekly webcomic.
  3. Mod a Monster High doll.
  4. Sew the bustle dress I have the fabric for.
  5. Sew a corset.
  6. Sew the “Sand and Wild Roses” dress.
  7. Overhaul the “About” section of my blog.
  8. Make character design sheets for 5 of my RPG/ LARP characters.
  9. Sew 2 pyjamas.
  10. Go outside for one hour per day for a month.
  11. Go to a museum 12 times. 17/12
  12. Get my glass pen fixed.
  13. Answer letters within a month.
  14. Design, sew and play a new fantasy LARP character. Noio is not quite finished yet and I’ll play her in March for the first time, but it’s actually happening!, so I’ll award myself half a point.
  15. Grow a pumpkin. I grew a pumpkin plant, though. More than one, even.
  16. Learn to identify 5 constellations other than Orion and Ursa Major.
  17. Visit the seaside, because I miss it.
  18. Get a tea service. Not exactly, but I decided that I don’t need one with matching pot and cups and I got two new tea pots – one from a give-away box on the street and one thrifted for about 50 cent – so I’ll tick that one off.
  19. Go ice skating.
  20. Go swimming 10 times.
  21. Learn French.
  22. Get my B.A. degree. Haha. No.
  23. Find a way to display my silver spoons. See the result here.
  24. Go abroad. If for only some hours or two weeks isn’t important. See 87.
  25. Host 2 more give-aways. I managed one.
  26. Get a new laptop.
  27. Go to the movies 3 times. Which is a lot for me, by the way, and I even went 5 times. That would have been Brave, Rise of the Guardians and Populaire, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (twice).
  28. Cook or bake something I never cooked or baked before once every month for one year or more.
  29. Sew three pairs of trousers. Two pairs of rus pants for me and several hippie pants for Scoundrel.
  30. Go to the zoo.
  31. Go on a fantasy LARP. More than one (just look at the LARP tag!).
  32. Get dreadlocks. Check. And I combed them out again after two years.
  33. Buy a bowler hat.
  34. Succeed at NaNoWriMo. The one in 2013, to be precise.
  35. Watch Gone with the Wind. I watched it during the holidays and I’ve got to say that it aged quite well (except for the obvious issue of racism).
  36. Go to the sauna 3 times.
  37. Get a new petticoat (means: sew or buy one).
  38. Find 10 nice everyday hair-dos. 8/10 (the Art Nouveau, the Sailor Rose, the Flipped Braid, easy waves, Bear Buns, KnotKnot, the Halfway Samurai, the 40s sidecut)
  39. Get a new camera.
  40. Find a new dentist and make an appointment.
  41. Celebrate all eight neo-pagan festivals for one year. I celebrated some and kind of missed some others, I must admit. Sometimes there are just not enough spoons left, I fear.
  42. Preserve food.
  43. Have a bonfire (with food). I also took pictures.
  44. Ride the old-fashioned merry-go-round in Frankfurt.
  45. Go to a festival.
  46. Go to a Steampunk LARP or convention.
  47. Buy only organic meat for 3 months. In the end I stopped buying meat alltogether. I’m not strictly piscetarian (and I only buy organic fish, except when I go out for sushi), but I only eat meat about three times a year or so by now, and I usually don’t prepare it myself (it’s more of a “I don’t make a fuss” thing when I’m at my grandparent’s).
  48. Finish a project every time before I start a new one. Ha, no, definitely not.
  49. Mend dog.
  50. Keep track of all my spendings for 6 months.
  51. Write a paper for university.
  52. Attend a Lolita meetup.
  53. Get a tattoo. And now I’m hooked.
  54. Have business cards printed.
  55. Finally change my ring tones so they don’t annoy me anymore.
  56. Read the Queen Victoria biography that needs so much space in my book shelf (which was uttery boring).
  57. Master any RPG 10 times. 2/10
  58. Sew the Scoundrel’s suit.
  59. Get rid of my canvasses.
  60. Visit Pâtisserie IIMORI.
  61. Have 5 proper picnics. 1/5
  62. Sew at least 20 things larger than a paperback book.
  63. Do the 100 theme challenge on dA for one of my projects.
  64. Choose a major for my studies.
  65. Visit Berlin.
  66. Sort out another 101 things I don’t need anymore.
  67. Get up early twice a week to take a run or go skating in the morning for two months.
  68. Add 20 identified plants to my herbarium. 7/20
  69. Do waist and leg exercises every day for a month.
  70. Have a princess day once a month.
  71. Make bento at least once a week for 3 months.
  72. Get poi and learn how to use them.
  73. Have a bike tour to the surroundings of my town.
  74. Create a playable, interesting Steampunk character.
  75. Finish my drapes. Look here!
  76. Write and post 3 more tutorials or patterns. (beeswax, candles, ornaments)
  77. Design a logo for my artist affairs.
  78. Save a Euro per day for 6 months.
  79. Visit Paris.
  80. Go climbing.
  81. Unpack ALL the boxes.
  82. Make my bed every day for 3 months.
  83. Don’t bite my nails for 3 months.
  84. Get a Marburg library card.
  85. Visit London.
  86. Get a new ear piercing.
  87. Visit Amsterdam. Read all about it here.
  88. Buy something at Manufactum.
  89. Get a small oven.
  90. Try 5 new cocktails.
  91. Cook something from my Creole cookbook.
  92. Define and refine my style of home decor and fashion.
  93. Make room for and buy 10 new comic books.
  94. Model on the catwalk for Jules.
  95. Get a futon and tatami.
  96. Find a purpose for as many of the parts of the old typewriter as possible.
  97. Bake bread.
  98. Get a pretty chair for my desk (It’s a SKRUVSTA from IKEA in red).
  99. Knit/crochet a scarf. A fluffy Hufflepuff scarf!
  100. Get a new head-set (or repair the old one). It’s already broken again, but I did.
  101. Eat no pre-made food (read: meals) for a month. I kept this habit, mostly, and only indulge in frozen pizza from time to time.

I counted three times (seriously), and all in all that makes 58 ½ things done! More than 50% are good with me, I wouldn’t have thought I’d come this far!
Well, not that that’s done I made another list, and you can find it here.

Along with the new list comes a new design for the blog, too. I needed a change of scene, to be honest. And I promise to streamline the social media links a bit more as soon as I have the nerve (edit: already did). I also edited the pages.
Apropos social media: Somehow my bloglovin account didn’t work anymore, so together with the whole new look I decided to reactivate that (there also happens to be a link on the sidebar):
Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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