Reveal: What I’m working on right now

Annabelle Rosenherz - Queen of Hearts

Now that the first two official pieces of promotion are out I can finally tell you what the big project I’m working on at the moment is about:
It’s a card deck, and I’m drawing the characters. Let me just tell you that there will be more than just the usual 12 face cards…


All characters are from the Ætherworld steampunk books by Anja Bagus. The one above is Annabelle Rosenherz, a determined young toxicologist and main character of the first trilogy.
These first three books are set in Baden-Baden around the year 1912 where green æther mists from the Rhine and twists humans into something… more.
These characters feature in the card deck, and I’m glad about the opportunity to work on such a great project.

Alexandra Sorokin - Queen of Clubs

Of course I’ll tell you when there’s more to know. In the meantime feel free to check out the Ætherworld Facebook page (in German). The deck itself will be released in time for the Role Play Convention in Cologne in May.
I can’t wait to see the finished thing, and now excuse me, I’ve got to go and work some more to make that happen.


4 thoughts on “Reveal: What I’m working on right now

  1. These look amazing! Are they digital drawings? It looks like it could be watercolour, though… And I hope those books come out in English too, I’d love to read about a female scientist for once (since I am one)!

    1. Ooooh, that you say it could be watercolour is one of the biggest compliments I’ve received so far for this project! It’s digital, though, and as I hadn’t done much digital colouring up to this project I’m glad it turned out so well. :)

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