Just chiming in for my seventh blog anniversary.
Seven years. Oh wow.

I’m still incredibly in over my head with the game (hence the creative recycling of my recent moon graphic – that and because I like it a lot) so I’ll keep it short:

Thanks for coming here every day, or when I post, or once in a while, or for the first time.Thanks for the comments and thoughts and the feeling that I’m not just screaming my little adventures into the void.
Thanks for reading.

Thanks. I hope we’ll have many more years together.


11 thoughts on “Seven

  1. i’ve been a silent reader of yours for several years now, and i just wanted to tell you how much i delight in spending my time here. without a doubt, your blog is one of my favorite little dwellings on the internet. you inspire me, truly, but in an unconventional manner (which is a good thing, of course!) i do hope you have an exhilarating year ahead of you. (o^_^o)

  2. Hey, congratulations! (I am still reading, even though I’m not really around the blog world much right now!) :D

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