Thrifting in February ’16

Initially I thought, well, I haven’t been out of the house much this month due to work – only for swimming and the occasional trip to the supermarket for snacks and new erasers – I might as well add the one thrifted bag from February to the March post. But then I came across a chess board at the open bookshelf today and remembered… oh, just see for yourselves.


The bag is from our local Red Cross shop – they had a spring cleaning sale. Scoundrel found the perfect leather cape for LARP and I found this – I don’t think there is a maximum number of old leather satchels for a person to own…

The chess board has a backgammon board on the other side. I play neither regularly (even though my Mum and I used to have backgammon nights, but I can’t even remember the rules) but I thought it might make for a nice background for smaller craft projects.
I found it at the open book shelf at the supermarket, just like the two fairy tale books – I’ll probably read them and put them back, though, my free space for books is rather limited by now.


When I was in Frankfurt with Verdinium we also went thrifting. Of course we did. And I came back with a bag full of old lace. As you might deduct from my severe doily addiction I can’t resist decent lace.


While everything in the bag was great, these stood out: A pair of old lace cuffs, completely with snap fasteners to clip them to a dress. I wish I knew how old they are and what kind of dress they were worn with. Aren’t they beautiful?


And last but not least, this is a special case. I found this tiny old Steiff fellow at one of the Oxfams in Frankfurt and showed him to Verdinium, already having decided to buy him. She was so enamoured that I decided he’d make her far happier than me, so I made her close her eyes outside the shop and put the small paper bag he was wrapped in into her open hands.
Long story short, his name is Pompidou and he lives under her desktop monitor now.

How was your thrifting luck this month?

3 thoughts on “Thrifting in February ’16

  1. I really like the bag and the board game you found there. I usually don’t go thrift shopping that often, but recently I found a few pots and jugs that I will use for LARP :) Maybe I should visit thrift shops more frequently, I could also use some lace for some of my projects…

    1. By all means do! Thrifting is amazing – it’s more sustainable than normal shopping, most of the time it’s cheaper and often it’s even for a good cause!

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