10 Favourite Crafts for the Mori Household

10 Mori DIYs

Some time ago I shared a list of Mori wearable DIYs. My pinterest and bookmark folders are still full of things like these, so here’s the home decor edition!

  1. Cloud Potholders from Fabrickaz. The site’s in Japanese, but the instruction pictures are quite clear. Isn’t the idea lovely?
  2. How about re-purposed old Light Bulb Terraria or Vases? Here’s a video tutorial by Ray Pajar on how to make one. (Picture via)
  3. While we’re talking about light bulbs: String Lights in all Variations, be it with manila rope as seen at A Merry Mishap or with folded paper cubes as taught by Wit & Whistle. The latter would look lovely with printed origami paper, too.
  4. Tow Trivets on 101 Woonideeën. The tutorial is in Dutch, but the idea is simple enough to catch onto even without a translation (and if not, there’s always Google translate).
  5. And this Rustic Tray from Funky Junk Interiors. I like it even better without the stencil.
  6. While pressing flowers in old, heavy books sure is nice I usually forget that I put them in there.   This wouldn’t happen with a Flower Press (at Design Sponge).
  7. For the more ambitious crafter there are these Enchanted Forest Mushroom Lights on Instructables. I love how lifelike the mushrooms are, I’ll so make this one day.
  8. Moon Globe by Make my Lemonade. It’s in French, but I think they might have a translation to English, too. Isn’t it beautiful?
  9. I couldn’t write a post like this without a link for Basket Weaving! John Bush has a detailed guide to a simple wicker basket. There’s also this tutorial for a rope basket on Cut Out and Keep.
  10. And to make this a complete list of ten, here’s a Rustic Coat Rack on Emma’s that really looks neat and can be done with thin, long stems, too, adding some extra hooks through cut-off branches.

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