10 Things I ♥ in March

Ten Things I Love in March 2016

  1. Urcheon, debut album of Australian experimental folk band Vanishing Shapes. I’ve become rather picky with music during the last two or three years, but I really like this one. Listen to (and maybe order) it here.
  2. Creativity Happens’ Whale Mugs. I think I like the white one best, but they’re all cute.
  3. While we’re at pottery, take a look at the art of Dorothy Feibleman. I learned about her work via one of the Japanophiles installments of NHK’s Begin Japanology while working on the big project and was stunned by the fragile beauty of her translucent vessels.
  4. Unravel, a new game from the EA studios. Just look at the trailer, this looks amazing! I’ve far too many games I still want to play to start with this right now, but Unravel surely has a spot in my wish list’s top 10.
  5. The illustrations of Mandy Sutcliffe, the artist behind Belle & Boo. I’m especially in love with their vintage-y mugs (especially the Parade and the Yeehaw ones) and the paper dolls.
  6. Crystal-Shaped Soaps. They look too good to use, but maybe you’re not as squeamish as I am when it comes to actually using pretty things (hellooo, age-old unused temporary tattoos and sticker sheets in my desk drawer), and if yes, you can learn to make them here (I guess you’re supposed to make them with the kit they’re advertising, but you’ll get the stuff at any craft store, too).
  7. MindMup, a free online mind map tool I use for story ideas and RPG matters. My first project was a very complicated, tangled mind map of the styles I want in my closet.
  8. Amuse Your Buche, a vegetarian (and vegan-friendly) food blog. The recipes all look so tasty, but I’m especially eager to try out the One Pot Spaghetti alla Puttanesca you see in the picture above (tasty food with less dishwashing. Awesome).
  9. The Collection of Turn of the Century Posters from the New York Public Library. Actually, all their collections are amazing, and the best thing is that most of them are downloadable in high resolution for free.
  10. Magic is a Drug. And The Magicians is SyFy’s latest homebrew series based on the books of the same name by Lev Grossman. I haven’t read the books (yet) but the series is well made (and well received by fans of the books as far as I’m informed) with a great concept and realisation of magic, fleshed-out characters, great scenery and an intriguing meta plot line without sacrificing the appeal of single episodes. Watch a trailer here, and of course take the entrance exam at Brakebills! (Also, guess who desperately needs a Brakebills University patch for their backpack?)

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