UFO Friday

skirt refashionWhile pondering simply buying something for my Noio kit instead of making my own (gasp, perish the thought, WTF) – something I haven’t done for LARP in… well… never except for my very first cloak what then ended up getting lost in somebody’s trunk or something (lesson: never lend kit to anyone you don’t live next door to) – I spent some of my time in the Shire bingeing on Pushing Daisies (eternally part of my visual comfort food arsenal).
jumper upcycling

As I watched the adventures of the Piemaker and his friends I upcycled a sweater I didn’t feel like wearing anymore but loved the colours of and re-fashioned a thrifted skirt I had bought for a LARP character that never came to be and therefore never wore. Maybe that was for the better because when I tried it on in one of my “I’ve got to purge my closet of what doesn’t make me happy” fits I realised that it really didn’t look so great on its own.
Now I’m changing it. It’s fairly see-through so maybe I’ll add a underskirt of some sort.

And yes, I’ll buy something for my kit.


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