Liberté Chérie: LYDT Release Tour

At March 1st Marburg had the honour of hosting a concert of one of my favourite bands: Les Yeux Dla Tête. I’ve been rather picky with music during the last few years but ever since I found them LYDT haven’t disappointed me once with their mix of Balkan swing and indie chanson.
How I found them? You see, they had been in Marburg before, and even half a year after that concert the poster still hung in a small short tunnel I sometimes used on my way to the library. Every time I stood there, for a second, admiring the vaudeville aesthetics of the print and trying to memorise the name to look them up later. And at some point I did.
Afterwards LYDT got me through the first (and so far only) NaNoWriMo I ever won as my preferred writing music. And when Scoundrel saw that they played five minutes from my place at the very day I would have finished the big project that had taken up every minute of being not asleep during the last two-and-a-half months he decided to get us tickets to celebrate.

At the evening of the 1st I had a headache and was in a general just-leave-me-be-I’ll-continue-my-existence-as-a-blanket-ghost mood. We almost didn’t go, but then I found the last headache pill in my medicine drawer, took a pair of ear plugs and we went anyway.

And it was so worth it.

The show was great – not laden with special effects but after all LYDT aren’t a band that needs special effects (only a well-timed flash of light now and then) -, full of Parisian charm and wit and that little bit of lovable arrogance that makes it just better.
In the end at the last encore they returned to their roots as street performers from Montmartre. They asked us all to sit down (other than on metal or punk concerts the floor was still dry and reasonably clean) and the light guy turned of the big spots and projected something akin to star dots through the room while the band went acoustic in the middle of the sitting, gazing audience. It was beautiful.

Liberté Chérie, the new album, is great. I got it right after the show and had it signed by everyone except the base player (I couldn’t find him, so I went and asked the light and the sound guy instead, who were quite puzzled but happy – nobody ever asks them for autographs). Were I to name a favourite song from the thing I’d be at a loss, I fear. I like “Tout ça c’est d’ta faute” a lot – dance floor chanson is a hilarious concept and I love the instrumentals of “Même le jour” but “Le feu sacré” is close to my heart, too – they managed to take a very sentimental set of lyrics and make it not kitschy through the music. Instead there is so much joie de vivre in every single song, so much fun and irony and honest expression… All in all the whole album is worth listening to – repeatedly.

Les Yeux Dla Tête webpage | facebook | Youtube channel

P.S.: I’m offline for a LARP weekend, see you on Monday. Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Liberté Chérie: LYDT Release Tour

  1. wow, thanks for that post/recommendation! Occasionally I enjoy that kind of music as well and French lyrics are great, anyway, and I love the music :)

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