Silbertaler 1: Scenery

I’m finally through with the usual after-LARP routine of washing and putting enough things away again to not fall over them all the time.

somewhere between Marburg and Blankenheim

I really like shooting photos from a running train because you never really know what you get. You can’t make the train stop to get a good shot. In North Rhine-Westphalia where the location of Silbertaler 1 was there were still some small patches of snow, much to our surprise.

Castle Blankenheim

The location itself, Burg Blankenheim, was neat, really. Not entirely perfect for the setting, but neat. It was a bit too nested and we got lost ever so often on the first day. While the dorms were quite modern the great hall was beautiful with little nooks to sit in and look down into the Rose Garden. I think it would be a great spot for a Potterverse LARP and I kept telling Verdinium that, too. ^^

we all had our fair share of twitching because of the armors that everyone mistook for somebody standing right behind them at some point

toasty warmth from the great hall fireplace

“Oh, and this is where you could hang house banners!”

“You could place the tables like this…”

“Just imagine a little speaker’s desk right there, for the herbology classes!”

the walls in the rose garden were completely overgrown by ivy, so beautiful

The view from our room – one of the highest in the whole castle – was beautiful, too. And we had a double window, perfect for curling up and doing some hand-sewing!

once with the fogged-up panes...

... and once without

Right behind the castle there’s a lovely patch of woodland with remains of old tunnels and a thick carpet of fallen leaves.

beautiful roots

wouldn't it be cute to study this for herbology, right there in the woods?

specimen for herbology!

the obligatory moss macro

I must admit I’d really like to have that Potterverse LARP…


4 thoughts on “Silbertaler 1: Scenery

  1. This is perfect, I’m so jealous you have so many magical little nooks and castles near you :O

    (By the way, I found your LARP character creation posts really useful for creating my current RP character, so thanks for that!)

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