Thrifting in March ’16

This thrifting month was a surprisingly rewarding one. Usually I pick up things here and there in several trips and drop-ins at the local shops over the course of the whole month. This month however it took only two trips, one to Frankfurt and one to Kassel. The one to Frankfurt was a side effect to one of Picko’s and my Game of Thrones nights along with me missing my connection train.
Kassel was one of the trips Scoundrel and I take every two months or so, for sushi and thrifting, sometimes with friends, sometimes only us.

"I live in a harbor town and get into brawls a lot. I also have a mermaid tattoo." I wish.

I’ve been fretting about having too little tops to wear after kicking everything out that I didn’t love so I was on the lookout when we went to Kassel. There is this Red Cross thrift shop where you pay by weight mostly and where it’s usually Scoundrel who finds more things (or things in general). The attire of one of his LARP character comes mostly from this place, for example.

changeling garb

This time I was lucky though. I found the striped T-shirt above – a basic I’d wanted for some time now and I also stumbled over this black thingy there ↑. It doesn’t look much from the distance (another reason why I need better lighting as soon as we move house in Summer), it’s tunic length, dark and a bit flowy…

this pattern is so beautifully subtle

… but up close it has a beautiful paisley print that isn’t garish or annoying. The fabric is beautiful as well, half cotton, half silk. I had to open up the side seams a few inches so it wouldn’t bulk over my hips but it just improved the look. I think I’ll be getting quite some wear out of it this year.

hot cocoa and marshmellows would be a great fit here

My Wales flag tea mug kicked it recently – too many cracks over the course of time – so I decided I needed something to replace it. Having more than three mugs in a tea-obsessed household isn’t overly indulgent, I think. I found a replacement at Oxfam in Kassel. I like how simple and cute it looks, I guess I just have a thing for handmade pottery.
From Oxfam in Frankfurt again comes the little clay pendant. Isn’t the glaze beautiful? And of course there is some new sewing thread – I can never let an opportunity for thrifted material pass by.

again with the hand pottery

Just when I thought I had successfully stacked up on mugs again I found this little saucer-mug set at our last stop in Kassel, a stuffed-to-the-brim charity shop where it’s difficult to move but it’s a treasure trove anyway. The small bows however are another Oxfam thing – I’ll use them for egg cups or maybe colour mixing or something like that – they’ll probably be multi-purpose and replace a few things at once (I love streamlining my possessions).

I might have embroidery projects for this yarn

I have a thing for 70s enamel things. And this was even in Hufflepuff colours, and it cost me only about 50 cent when I bought it along with the mending yarn (another case of “this is cheap second-hand crafting material, I can’t just leave it here”).

the tree looks so very much like something from faerie

The tin mug is from Frankfurt. I was in such a bad mood when I shuffled into Oxfam that day – I had a horrible headache, and not even from drinking or staying up too late and everything wasn’t particularly enchanting, anyway – and then I found the perfect drinking vessel for my new LARP character. It was like a small heads-up from the universe (thanks for that!).
The pink cord was in a big bin with wool and yarn at the one really big thrifting place in Kassel and I just can’t go past pink silky cord. I admit it. The belt is from the same place and I got it for free along with the other stuff because of the broken edge (and Scoundrel’s bargaining talent ♥). I’ll probably just paint it golden, it looks like it’s just some design thing when worn, and I think the clasp is just really pretty anyway, in a early 90s sort of way.

such pretty wood
and such a pretty buckle!

Yet another waist belt, this time black velvet and brass, along with some pretty wooden coasters. I’m thinking about using them for tea lights, though, but I think they’d make a pretty camp decoration at LARP either way.

fit for a carnie princess

This bow – and I hardly ever wear bows so it had to be special for me to buy it in the first place – reminded me of the circus/carnival theme I like so much. I found it at a little shop in Kassel I had only visited once before and it was a first for Scoundrel who found some trinkets for LARP, too.
Speaking of LARP, I initially bought the thin bracelets for him – or his quite flashy character – in Frankfurt but they were too small for his hands. In the end I wore them myself and they made really pretty cuffs for my chemise.

they don't make these round pencils anymore but I like them a lot

Last but not least I picked up a few vintage-y pencils and an eraser pencil from a freebox. And isn’t the little horn pin cute? I found it in the same bin as the 70s Hufflepuff pendant and I think it might tie in with the circus theme, too.

All in all I’m quite overwhelmed by the amount of great stuff I found this month, and happy, too!

How about you, have you had a successful hunt this month?


5 thoughts on “Thrifting in March ’16

  1. I love your thrift posts, you always find such amazing things! I particularly love the tree belt (I didn’t even realise it was broken, I thought it was just moon-shaped) and that horn pin!

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