Silbertaler 1: People

different format because of Verdin's cameraAfter I’ve shown you the scenery it’s people time. I did less photographing done than I had planned, but a few came out well so you get these. All pictures of me were taken by Verdinium, thank you so much!
IMG_9371I couldn’t contact the respective players so everyone from outside my party is blurred out. I still like the dynamic of the duel, though.
IMG_9393Giavan (played by Scoundrel) watching the duels from a window in the big hall. I sat there too, wrapped in my cloak, drawing the combatants. I also can’t help but marvel at my favourite person’s cheekbones every time I notice them.
12888722_1096616420400496_1481346240570886471_oVerdinium’s Sunday dress for her character Oricea was so pretty!
IMG_9412This is probably my favourite out of the pictures I took, I love the atmosphere.

I started with a picture of myself, so for the end have another one, playing with dead leaves in the woods. My right hand is somewhere in that sleeve, don’t worry.

When this post comes online I’ll already be on my way to Frankfurt to board the bus to Amsterdam in the middle of the night (seriously our departure is around four in the morning).

I’ll catch you somewhere on the way!


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