Zandvoort Beach

Zandvoort Beach, North-Holland

We had already wanted to visit the seaside last time we were in Amsterdam. This time we finally made it, on our last day there, no less. Zandvoort is a half-hour train ride or – on Sundays – a one-hour bus drive – from the city, a quaint little town modeled after British sea resorts.

I saw kites like this on several roofs, I wish we had enough wind here to make this a thing, too.

We didn’t spend much time exploring town, though (maybe next time) but headed straight to the beach.I just love the sea so much. Picture by Scoundrel. Zandvoort Beach. The grainy sand is acutally made of tiny shell pieces.It was far to cold to go swimming yet but wading was mandatory.When the tide fell we waded to the sand banks. No matter how I tried to look out for them I still got my pants wet at the hems anyway (not that I cared much).Zandvoort Beach from the shore linethe sky really was that blueZuid-Kennemerland National Park from the Zandvoort dykesZandvoort lies next to a national park, and the view from up on the dyke is breathtaking. Both ways.
Zandvoort beach from the dykesun sinking over the waterIn the end we came home with a paper bag full of shells and a sunburn each. We made it to the hostel when it was already dark, and all in all this was the best day to celebrate that spring had finally come.the road back to Amsterdam

Next time I’m bringing a kite.

2 thoughts on “Zandvoort Beach

  1. Yay, beach! It looks like you were the only two there, how relaxing… <3 Are you going to make any crafts with the shells? I need to get around to making some jewellery with all the shells and sea glass I found in Japan… @__@;;

    1. The beach was quite full for the beginning of April, actually (but still okay). ^^
      I threaded them and decided to hang them somewhere in my flat for now, there’s a post coming up, too. :)
      I’m looking forward to your shell-and-sea-glass projects!

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