Prettily Medicated: Pill Case DIY

Prettily Medicated: Pill Box DIY

When my doctor prescribed me yet another pill to take daily in addition to the several others that I already took I decided to get myself a pill case to make things a bit more well-arranged.  And while there are pretty cases out there (I particularly like this one) I wanted one right now instead of in a few days or weeks, so I went straight from the doctor’s office to the pharmacist.

Pill Box DIY

Quelle surprise, the choices they had weren’t really that exciting – there was only one case, and the incredible selection of either pink, red, cyan or yellow for the clear plastic parts.
I simply took it as a challenge, picked cyan for no particular reason and as soon as I was at home brought out the crafting things.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I measured the case and the individual compartment lids, transferred the measurements to a pretty piece of wrapping paper (one could use magazine cut-outs or different papers, too) and cut out the pieces.
  2. The plastic was too shiny, so for better grip I sanded it down a bit
  3. I then glued the pieces onto the lids, one at a time, fanning the lids open so that they wouldn’t touch and then let the whole thing dry for an hour or two. I arranged the pieces first in a row so the pattern would show up on the finished case, too.
  4. As everything was dry to the touch I clipped the front and back parts and glued them down – it’s easier to do it this way than to do it all at once, these small bits can be tricky.
  5. Afterwards I sanded down the excess paper at the edges of the lids, this is how you get a decent, clean cut.
  6. In the end I added a top coat of glue to have it water-proof and sealed.

And that’s about it. Sans waiting time it didn’t even take an hour and now I have a pretty pill case that suites my tastes with only spending about 2-3€ on the case and using stuff I had lying around anyway.

I used a fabric transfer medium for glue, it’s pretty much my go-to stuff for things that need to be water-proof after I realised that it wasn’t what I needed when I first bought it, but every other waterproof glue that’s applicable with a brush will do, too.

Dolly Kei-ish Pill Box DIY


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