Amsterdam ’16: Mainly Architecture

Rainbow KoiAll in all I took nearly 700 picture during the week in North Holland. I won’t show you all of them – that would be a bit much – but I’ll shove in the occasional post of Amsterdam pictures once in a while in the near future.
The flying fish in front of a classic toy shop was the first thing I photographed on Amsterdam turf this time. I think I might need something similar if I ever get a balcony.and the weather was great, tooOne thing I love about Amsterdam architecture are the pulley bars on top of the houses – the staircases are often too narrow to get furniture to the higher floors so they just haul it up on the outside."meisje" is Dutch for "girl"I’d love to live in this old girl’s school. The windows look like it has great light inside and I just love brickwork houses.this is right around the corner from our hostel

Amsterdam gracht

Oudekerk AmsterdamWe did something fairly touristy this time – we took a walking tour. Gladly we had a very enthusiastic history major from Scotland as our guide who broke information down into neat bits and was basically a walking version of Horrible Histories – for Amsterdam.
Right next to this church, the Oude Kerk (old church – they’re really creative, a bit like archaeologists), there’s the red light district, and now I know why, too.Amsterdam PalaceThe palace – once city hall and after that home to the Rabbit King – is one of the few classicist buildings in Amsterdam, one reason why the French took it over as their HQ.
The Rabbit King was Luis Napoleon, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, who during a speech to the slightly miffed Dutch public (they weren’t too keen on the whole occupation thing) confused the word “koning” and “konijn” and told the people that he was their rabbit, not their king.
So much for really amusing walking tours.isn't this hotel beautiful?

boat on a canal, with fairy lightsI would have loved to see this mast in the dark with all the fairy lights on. Fairy lights are a fairly common sight in Amsterdam, anyway, especially at the canals.magnolias on Rembrandtplein

Rijksmuseum AmsterdamWe didn’t make it into the Rijksmuseum – again. We didn’t make it into any museum because we didn’t find the one we wanted to visit. Maybe next time.this is by far the prettiest street light I've ever seen


6 thoughts on “Amsterdam ’16: Mainly Architecture

  1. I was amused by the pulley bars thing for some reason…I can’t remember where, probably in some port town somewhere, I saw an old painted rowboat planted full of flowers suspended from one of those. It was just the right kind of surreal! Also, the girls’ school is magnificent! I love huge windows and nice brickwork!

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