Things We Brought Back: Textiles

Amsterdam Souvenir shirtIt’s been a while since I’ve bought a specifically souvenir-y souvenir somewhere. I needed a t-shirt, though, and I liked the wrought iron-like Art Nouveau designs on this one a lot. It’s not as blatantly touristy as many other Amsterdam souvenirs so I can still wear it without feeling strangely loud about my holiday there. I also cut our a wider neckline because I didn’t like the original one, as well as slits at the side to better wear it with…Yu & Me tulle skirt from Albert Cuypstraat… this beauty. I love tulle skirts! The tulle parts are actually longer than what I’d normally wear but the underskirt is pretty much the perfect length and the tulle is see-through. It works beautifully, and I even wore it for the first day of the new semester.
It’s from a brand called Yu & Me Paris and I bought it in one of the small boutiques at Albert Cuyp market.Waterlooplein waistcoatI admit that I already own more waistcoats than necessary but I didn’t have a leather one yet. It might need a good brushing sometime soon but I won’t complain about that because it was such a bargain at the Waterlooplein flea market.Waterlooplein waistcoat, backWaterlooplein waistcoat, detailI mean, look at that beautiful back fabric! It makes an okay-to-neat piece into a favourite.fabrics from Albert Cuyp marketOn my Wish-To-Do list for the trip was buying fabric or trim in a certain shop. We didn’t make it to that one but instead went to N&N Stoffen in Albert Cuypstraat, so I consider it ticked off anyway. The flannel with the book print is mine – I’m not sure yes what exactly to make from it but I already have a few ideas… – and the other one was purchased by Scoundrel for a new pair of pants.fairy pimp coatAnd to have a complete post this is something I call the “fairy pimp coat” because of the collar. We found it on Waterlooplein, too, and brought it back for Scoundrel’s flatmate who was smitten with it and skipped around in it all day.

Of course we brought back other things than clothes and fabric, too, but that’s a subject for another post sometime soon.


4 thoughts on “Things We Brought Back: Textiles

  1. I love that t-shirt! It’s hard to find tasteful souvenirs, heh XD Also, the book fabric is perfect, can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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