(Life)Style Tips in April

April '16

April is already in the last third but this is a feature I’ve been wanting to start for ages but was always too scared to do (seriously). I always loved it on other blogs, so here’s my version now.

  • Everything is abloom now – or at least starting to flower. It’s the perfect time to start pressing flowers and fresh leaves! Either put them between paper towels and under a stack of books (I use these beauties) for a month or build (or inherit) a flower press. Here’s a guide and a how-to. I myself want to try and build a pocket flower press for easier collection on walks.
  • Look for cute (or whatever strikes your fancy, of course) sneakers now – you’ll need them once April showers are over and the heat starts rolling in and with it days in the park and also long afternoons at the library to write uni papers.
    If you find nothing to your liking go with the least horrible option on a low price (usually “off-brand” fabric sneakers cost about 10€) and customise with fabric transfers, glitter, paint, beads, embroidery floss or interesting laces. The possibilities are endless!
  • Invest in some herbs for your windowsill, balcony or garden. Sage and rosemary are good starting points that last longer than one year.
  • Additionally or alternatively grow sprouts in a sprout jar.
  • If you haven’t done it yet, have a (ritual) spring cleaning with herbal washes for the floor, sweeping out the winter (in direction of the door) and hanging of new decoration.
  • Sport ribbons somewhere, anywhere in your outfit. Be it in your hair, around your neck as a rather informal bow-tie substitute, in your shoes instead of laces or as mere decoration on your bag.

7 thoughts on “(Life)Style Tips in April

  1. I really like these kinds of posts! In a strange way, some of your tips apply here in Australia too, even though it’s Autumn. The flowers are blooming again for the second time, and most days it’s still sunny and warm enough to go for a walk.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your future tips posts!

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