UFO Saturday

Well, we haven’t had one of these in a while. As uni has started again I’m quite busy but I made time for a bit of crafting anyway.IMG_0230This horrid little table runner is going to be a belt for Scoundrel’s LARP character Giavan once it’s done. And I love metal trim, so I’m keeping the rest!IMG_0253Fragile and I are going to have a dolled-up day out next week and I’m planning my outfit right now. I needed something matching for my hair, though, so I covered up a very basic, ugly headband with some velvet ribbon (one of my favourite things to work with ever). I’m still debating whether to add some extra bows or not, though. Maybe I should make detachable ones…

I hope you’re having a great weekend! What are you working on at the moment?


7 thoughts on “UFO Saturday

  1. I just thought what I would love-when you have time of course-is a post, or series of posts with pix of all of yours and Scoundrels LARP costumes!

    I find the glimpses we have had fascinating and so different to any other blogs I follow!!

    Soo, a London fan

    1. Are you psychic? I always wanted to make a post about that, I just haven’t found the time yet! It’s even an item on my 101 things list, so I’ll try to make it happen rather sooner than later. Thanks so much for your thoughts!

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