Amsterdam ’16: Pretty Magnificent. Magnificently Pretty.

Magna Plaza AmsterdamLet’s start off this picture post with the Dutch flag and the most fabulous-looking shopping centre in the whole city. It’s called Magna Plaza and it used to be a post station. A really impressive post station.Magna Plaza. Former Post Station.light fixtures at the brasserieOvidus watcher spiritThese watcher spirits are at the Grand Cafè Ovidius. The place is really pretty, I’d love to have meet-ups there.Ovidus' chandelierMagna Plaza ceilingat Rembrandtpleinwrought-iron gates of the Rijksmuseum AmsterdamThese are the gates of the Rijksmuseum (the closest to the fantastic collection I’ve been so far). There was a band making use of the fantastic acoustic properties of the passage under the museum and we stood and just listened for a while.through the Rijksmuseum passageserene Scoundrelfish watcher spirit at the RijksmuseumThere are still enough pictures for another post full of watcher spirits and ships, be prepared. I hope you’re all having a good week so far!


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