Thrifting in April ’16

I’ve already shared my Amsterdam finds (here and here), but I still scored two treasures during the rest of the month, and it’s the last few hours of April!Thrifting: leather bagOne can never have enough leather satchels. Period. Especially if one can use them for LARP!Thrifting: straw hatI used to have a very cheap straw hat from the hardware store (seriously) which I wore until it literally fell apart which took surprisingly long given that the whole thing had cost about 2€ back then.
Well, when I spotted this hat at a stall at the spring flea market in the Weidenhausen quarter (the oldest part of town) I got it because let’s face it – there are few things more classically ladylike or dandy than a straw hat for summer (except straw trilbies. I’m not a fan of trilbies anyway).

I’ve since replaced the old (hot-glued on – yikes) ribbon with a silky cord (the one from last month’s thrift haul) and can’t wait to work it into an outfit.

Have a beautiful Sunday tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Thrifting in April ’16

  1. One can never have enough leather satchels? Maybe. But one can never have enough hats! Your new straw hat is a particularly pretty one :)

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