(Life)Style Tips in May

magnolias at night

As Katie pointed out to me it’s Autumn in the southern hemisphere. I’m sorry in advance if some of the items on the list don’t always go with both sides of the globe but I’ll try and throw something unrelated to the season in each time.

  • Get some picnicking equipment and break it in. If the weather doesn’t cooperate just do it on the living room floor. I used to do that all the time during my time in Frankfurt.
  • While you’re at it find some new places to have picnics at. Maybe there’s a park nearby you haven’t been to yet, or a beach or a clearing in the woods…
  • Find a straw hat and, if necessary, customise it with ribbons or silk flowers. How about a revival of old-fashioned boater hats? Or magnificent over-decorated cartwheel or halo hats like in Edwardian times, or a bergère hat? Which brings us to the next item on the list:
  • Get into pastoral imagery. The idealised version of a close-to-nature lifestyle lends itself wonderfully to several fashions – Mori Kei and Lolita are the most obvious ones. Break out your whites and add pastel-coloured sashes for a “Marie Antoinette at the Hameau” look, wear aforementioned straw hats, maybe get into spinning wool, too. Listen to pastoral symphonies or recite Little Bo Peep. Wear sheep-shaped accessories or naturally white wool. Make ram’s horn-shaped charms. Maybe watch Heidi.
  • You could get into Straw Hat Day, too! According to Penn State it’s the second Saturday of May which would be the 14th this year. Make it your official spring celebration, invite friends (for a picnic. Are you sensing a theme yet?), dress up and be silly because now is the month of maying. The folks on the southern hemisphere could just turn the whole thing around and make it Felt Hat Day, celebrating Autumn instead!
  • If you don’t have one yet make an uplifting Spring playlist for skipping through meadows and the like (you know, the things you just do…). Add music box versions of songs, French chansons, things that make your heart jump and your feet dance, Elizabethan choir pieces (see above) or classical pieces, nothing too dark or heavy.
  • Go blossom (or, southern hemisphere version, falling leaves) hunting for boughs to put into vases, to press or just to marvel at the colours and the delicate petals and be inspired by them. Bonus points for shooting pictures. I took the picture featuring at the top of this post at night. I usually don’t shoot with flash but in this case it was the right decision and brought out the magic of the magnolia flowers just the right way.
  • Smile.

6 thoughts on “(Life)Style Tips in May

  1. Don’t apologise at all! I’m used to being seasonally on the opposite side from nearly everyone else. I usally make a note of the ideas I like and look at the list when the season comes around for me. The off-season sales aren’t a bad thing, either. =)
    xx Katie.

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