UFO Friday

Hedgefairy Tales - sewing outsideBeing back from Beyond the Seals means that I of course have some fixing to do. This time it’s the ribbon along Noio’s skirt hem – I had fixed it rather loosely and it came off and annoyed the everything out of me (I’m glad I didn’t actually fell after my foot became entangled in the damn thing several times). I took the thing with me to our first picnic of the year and can now report that it’s done (properly, this time).

material for a pouch

pouch decoration

pouch insideI also made a new pouch for Noio out of scrap leather – I already took pictures of the finished thing and will post them next week!

oiling leather - before and after

oiled belt pouchesAnd I oiled most of my leather stuff. You can see in the first picture what a difference it makes. I don’t think these old army pouches have seen much care before, though.

making LARP bandages out of scrap stripsLast but not least I used thin, long scraps from another project (yet to be photographed) to make three bandages for LARP – you can never have enough of those.

Have a wonderful weekend! ♥


4 thoughts on “UFO Friday

  1. I love your little floral pouch! Also, those army pouches reminded me that I have to get off my behind and start learning to use the leather tools I bought months ago… .___.;;

    1. Oh, that’s Scoundrel’s. I think he bought it on some hippie festival, or in Amsterdam, sorry that I can’t really help you with that. :/

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