By Skill and Valour: Fox and Roses

Hedgefairy: My new LARP purseI made new LARP pouches for Scoundrel and me, or, more precisely, for our characters Giavan and Noio respectively. I needed a new purse for my in-game money after the proceeds of newspaper printing were too much for my old one – and it wasn’t really suited for Noio in the first place.

Three roses for the House of Hague-MagvalieNow I made one out of what I think might be kid leather with appliques of three roses. I had only red leather scraps, while Noio’s family crest shows them in carnation. But as it’s not an official “court item” I allowed myself a bit of artistic license.

Roses en DetailI also stitched in pollen and leaves and opted for gold-coloured grommets – metal eyelets aren’t exactly historically correct, but gladly this is LARP, not reenactment. I’m usually a fan of stitching real, decent eyelets, but doing that in leather would have been too much of a pain (read: I’m lazy) and this way the holes for the drawstring won’t stretch, either.

Scoundrel's new LARP purse

Scoundrel’s bag has silver eyelets and the picture of a fox’s head – sacred animal to the church of Phex, the Aventurian god of merchants, thieves and good luck. On said fox’s forehead is the symbol of Aves, god of travel and adventure – both worshipped by the character.

detailI didn’t fix the straps (to wear the purses on a belt) too masterfully, I must admit. I had two rivets left from another project (I need to order new ones) for Noio’s pouch, but when Scoundrel remarked that he’d like one for Giavan, too, I had to improvise by first hammering in a grommet from one, and then from the other side – the several layers of leather, however thin, prevented use of only one grommet each. Next time I’d probably pay more attention to having a pretty edge, either turned or at least decently arranged, but I’m happy with the improvised solution and that makes up for the grumping about my own shoddy craftswomanship this time.

closed bagI had a lot of fun with the motives, first drawing them on with my favourite ink outliner – I’m surprised how well it worked on leather -, then cutting them out and last adding embroidered accents.

Hedgefairy Tales: New LARP purses

The leather I used was from my collection of scraps, bits I’ve had for at least a decade (a gift from a very nice crafts teacher who knew I would make good use of them), except for the red, those bits were leftovers from yet another project I still want to show you. I also already had the leather drawstring, some leftovers, too, the grommets (from a set I bought years ago and I never knew what to do with so many of those cheap things that aren’t really suited for clothing lest they’d tear your skin if you made only the slightest mistake in setting them) and the bit of floss as well. I’m always happy when I can make something only from things I already have!

I hope you like them, because those won’t probably be the last you’ll see of my attempts at leather work!


2 thoughts on “By Skill and Valour: Fox and Roses

  1. Those look fantastic! I love the crests! Even ;though I am not in the LARP I’d love something like that!

    Are those coins specially made for the LARP or just normal currency for your area?

    1. Oh, thanks! I think I might just make a tutorial for them, they are a great project for leftovers!
      The coins are LARP currency from several different “countries” and “continents”, we simply have Euros here in real life. ^^

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