10 Things I ♥ in May

10 Things I ♥: May 2016

  1. How to Attract Crows on WikiHow. There are always crows somewhere around me but knowing how to attract them can’t be wrong, either. Maybe one day I’ll make crow or raven friends, too!
  2. Hand Charms from the Speckled Egg on Etsy. I’m also quite smitten with these drawer pulls from Art of Brass.
  3. The artisanry of the ladies of Basketry Plus. On this website they feature beautiful woven objects, my favourites being those of Maggie Smith.
  4. Helen Mask’s short guide on Emulating Art Nouveau in your own art. I desperately want to draw more for myself again (opposed to “for others” or “out of necessity”).
  5. The Great Language Game, a game where you get a short recording and then have to guess the language via multiple choice (it gets harder with time). Hat tip to Noisette, Scoundrel’s flatmate, speaker of Arabic, Polish, German, English and probably half a dozen other languages, too.
  6. Angelina Ballerina – the old series (I have yet to find the books somewhere near me). The new series is a CGI abomination – where the mice had actual mouse anatomy in the old animation (and were most of the time not even wearing clothes because well, they had fur) the new ones just look like your typical 3D animated, garishly dressed children with surreal mouse heads on. Anyway, the old one is sweet and cute and just what you’d expect of ballet-dancing mice and the obligatory bit of drama that comes from being a child in a dance class. There’s also this bit of insight into how the tales about a mouse in a tutu came to be.
  7. Eulalia Hath A Blogge, the accounts of Eulalia Piebakere, SCA persona, pie lover and modern-life science teacher. I love her style of writing and her dedication! She’s been a great source of inspiration to me lately and now I definitely want to get into more historical cooking.
  8. My Bubblegum Pink Ethletics. How could I not list them before? Actually the colour is called “Ice Cream Pink” but I think it’s more of a bubblegum hue. And they’re a fair trade product, too!
  9. Pictures from the National Geographics Traveler Photo Contest on Boredpanda. I can’t decide which one I like best, it’s a tie between #1, #5, #7, #16, #22. Which is your favourite?
  10. Rice Cake with Nori and Soy Sauce. My favourite snack at the moment! You simply steam the rice cakes (the ones without a filling, I prefer the long round ones), wrap them in nori and dip them in soy sauce as you go. And it’s even fairly healthy!

7 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in May

  1. I really want sneakers like yours! I used to read the original Angelina books as a kid! I hate when they redo the series! What they did to Peter Rabbit was horrific!

    1. They re-did Peter Rabbit? O.o I better won’t look it up, I’d only be distressed.
      I have no idea if Ethletics ship to Australia (and how insanely costly that would be), though…

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