Morning Walk

Two weeks ago I was told to go to an orthopaedic specialist because of a small accident I had in January. My physician had told me to be at the office on Friday at 7am for a chance to actually get a spot, so I rose at 6am, went to the orthopaedic’s office, waited for 45 minutes, queued with the about 30 other patients who had already been there when I arrived for another 15 and then got an appointment – in June. It was even early enough for me to go to my eight-o’-clock lecture.Hedgefairy: Weidenhausen, MarburgBut as I had a doctor’s certificate anyway for feeling sicklish all week and the attendance at our lectures isn’t mandatory to get to write the exam I decided to take a break and have a soul day instead.Hedgefairy: Weidenhausen, MarburgI made my way home through Weidenhausen, one of the oldest parts of town (I’ll post a tour through the quarter some time soon-ish!), not knowing that this was to become a morning walk at all.Hedgefairy: Yellow RosesEverything was so quiet and serene and the first really warm rays of the morning sun warmed my back when I sat down at the old village square to continue reading Princess Nevermore by Dian Cutis Regan that I had taken with me to the doctor’s office for entertainment and solace.Hedgefairy: IvyWeidenhausen is pretty close to the river and I live on the other side, so I went to the promenade at the banks but not without stopping at the playground and continuing my fantasy lecture on the swing set there.Hedgefairy: River LahnI did a tiny bit of yoga on the canoe landing pontoon before diving back into Princess Quinnella’s adventures, this time on the sun-warmed planks mere inches over the river.Hedgefairy: Reflections on the surfaceHedgefairy: RiverpathI finished the book on the other side of the banks at my swimming spot. I found a nice place, half sunny, half in shade and stretched out my legs and let the rays of the sun caress me.Hedgefairy: Riverbank readingI swore a Changeling oath that day – to protect the glamour of a world that allows me such beautiful moments. This walk was definitely a reminder that it’s no use to let inconvenience get me down and that it is okay to take off a day to care for myself once in a while. I think I should take more walks like this.Hedgefairy: Over the garden fenceP.S.: Can anybody tell me what kind of flower that is? I thought it might be a rather fluffy variation of Hollyhocks, but it most probably isn’t. But isn’t it beautiful?

P.P.S.: As for my opinion on Princess Nevermore, it’s a nice, comfy fantasy read. The characters felt genuine, but I was a bit irritated that it was never revealed what became of the affection of Cam, the wizard’s apprentice, for Princess Quinn (who even dreamt about him, too). I would have liked some sort of less-loose end for that instead of the focus on Adam the Outer World guy. Anyway I didn’t feel too betrayed by that, so I do recommend it as a light print snack if you happen to find it in your local library or an open shelf. I swore my Changeling oath on it. It can’t be too bad.


6 thoughts on “Morning Walk

  1. What a wonderful morning! It’s a good reminder to slow down and notice the little things. I’ve started reading again recently after a long time of thinking, I “didn’t have time” for such things.

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