Thrifting in May ’16

Thrifting this month was surprisingly successful given that it only was one decent trip. I went to Kassel with Verdinium and we really only made it to the big one.

IMG_0531I’m always happy to find LARP-able dishware at the thrift shop. I’ve wanted a jug for some time now so this was a particularly happy find for me. The wooden plate will have to be sanded down and oiled sometime soon, but isn’t it great? And heavy, too. The mugs were a great addition to the jug, and you probably can never have enough mugs, especially not handmade ones.
IMG_0534IMG_0535Verdinium found this very pretty box for me. It’s lightweight wood and I don’t know what I’ll put in yet, but it might be a candidate for my new jewelery box.
IMG_0540I admit I can’t resist stripes like these. The bag looked so circus-y I had to take it with me! It’s also a convenient size for make-up, and I don’t have a decent make-up bag for when I’m not at home, so it’s even useful!IMG_0543Another thing Verdinium picked up to hold under my nose was this copper brooch. The pin is sturdy enough to hold a light cloak so this might find its way into my LARP kit at some point, too.
IMG_0542Last but not least I picked up two more old linen sheets – you can never have enough of those, either. I like them as material for LARP things, either white or to dye.
The longsleeve is the only thing I picked up in Marburg this month at the TSDTR. As mentioned I can’t get past stripes and the colours work well with the rest of my wardrobe. I also don’t own enough longsleeves.

Now I’m off to watch some Game of Thrones with Scoundrel – we’re doing a re-run catch-up thing. Have you had any good finds lately? Let me know in the comments!


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