Before the RPC (Cologne Day 1)

Hedgefairy: On the RoadFriday morning Noisette and I left town at 8.15 on a long-distance bus headed to Leverkusen. Cologne closed their long-distance bus station so we took the train from the next available stop. Scoundrel and Pwyll were already waiting for us at the platform and united again we made our way to Koelnmesse, location of the Role Play Convention Cologne.CologneWe set up my Artist Alley table at hall 10. Setting up a day early is so much more convenient! We even were the first ones to set up in this part of the Alley and had free choice of spot. More about that in the next post, though.temporarily homeWhen we were done we went to our sleeping spot – the empty (because they wrapped up and moved out the share) flat of a friend of Scoundrel’s, even with a bathtub and wi-fi! We set up camp there and then went off again to check out the local thrift shops.RhinelandsCologne with the crewI must admit that I was a bit disappointed with the first charity shop we went to. It’s the same organisation as the TSDTR which is incredibly bargain-y especially if you have a student ID – you’ll get 50% off on the already low prices. In contrast the one in Cologne was really expensive, and the stock wasn’t particularly interesting, either. Noisette found a nice pair of heels, though (her first pair!), so I don’t think it was a waste of time.
Another was interesting enough but mainly stocked with furniture (which is hard to transport by bus).
The last one was really interesting, with a huge vintage floor and decent prices but I met the usual problem – the things I wanted were most definitely too small for me. And too long. Which is really depressing, by the way.Burgerlich interior

Anyway, after we had that we went for dinner in what must be one of the most hipster-compatible places in the whole of Cologne. The place is called Burgerlich, a wordplay on burger (obviously) and German bürgerlich, which means something like “middle class-ish” with a strong connotation of bourgeois or square.Burgerlich Colognethe crew @ Burgerlich CologneThose menus were amazing, they were hidden in the table and came out when you pressed the top.Burgerlich Cologne: Portobello burger, side salad, lavender lemonadeOh, and you order by card and pay by card, too! I had a portobello mushroom burger (I’ve always wanted to try that!) with a side salad and lavender lemonade. Pwyll had basil lemonade, something we all want to try at home soon, too.Burgerlich CologneEven though thrifting wasn’t exactly successful (and a bit of a downer in the end) the day was nice. It ended up raining cats and dogs while we were at the restaurant and we had to walk back 40 minutes to the car which my by-then wet feet weren’t delighted about, but in the end it was actually pretty fun. That’s how it’s supposed to be with friends, isn’t it?

Next up: RPC itself!


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