Furry Friends: A Tribute To Brambly Hedge

Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge TributeI must admit I had almost forgotten about the Mori Challenge. What a shame that would have been! Well, it doesn’t matter now. I remembered.

Today’s theme is “Furry Friends” and I want to seize the opportunity to show you this Brambly Hedge tribute picture I drew and coloured a while ago. It was a birthday present commissioned by a friend for his eldest daughter who at the time was a big fan of the mice of Brambly Hedge (as am I). I hope she still is!Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - Detail: TailorThe tailor mouse is my favourite, maybe because it’s how I picture myself sometimes. I love the others, too, though!Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - Detail: MidmouseThe birthday girl had just gotten a little sibling and was fascinated by everything connected to midwifery at that time so I included a midmouse and a mouse baby.Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - Detail: CarpenterShe also loves woodworking so I drew a carpenter mouse, too. I must admit the work bench is a bit crooked, but when I noticed it was already too late. Let’s just say it was the mouse carpenter’s first piece, okay?Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - Detail: PiemakerI might not like processed fruit but I love the idea of pie. For me Brambly Hedge was always about coziness and great food so I decided to work in a foodie trade as well.Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - OutlinesDrawing all the details in the tree trunk was quite a task but the doll-house like pictures of the mice’s houses are such an essential part to the books that I couldn’t resist having one as the centerpiece. I think my favourite hangout in that tree would be the kitchen or the pantry at the top.

Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - Detail: Piemaker colouredWorking with my favourite books beside me was a wonderful thing. I love how subtle the fabric patterns are in the original pictures and tried to emulate the effect without only copying the style but also putting something of my own in there.
Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - Detail: Midmouse coloured

Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - Detail: Carpenter finishedIn the end I was really happy how the picture came out. There might be some tiny mistakes but nothing that bothers me too much (which is no easy thing, believe me).
Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - Detail: Tailor finishedI think I did one of my favourite childhood (and adulthood, to be true) justice with this picture. My only regret is not scanning it properly.
Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - Detail: Midmouse finishedIt feels just as soft as it’s supposed to, and I found that I’m really not bad at drawing mice, too!
Hedgefairy: Brambly Hedge Tribute - Detail: Piemaker finished

I hope you like it, too. My mouse-loving phase is far from over, you see…


10 thoughts on “Furry Friends: A Tribute To Brambly Hedge

  1. It’s so beautiful! I love the brambly hedge style, though there wasn’t much of it here in Australia.
    I haven’t forgotten about the Mori Challenge, either, though it’s going very slowly.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s quite slow with things like these.
      And I’m glad you like it! It wasn’t such a big thing in Germany, either, I only had the season books.

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