(Life)Style Tips in June

Hedgefairy: June Roses

  • It’s definitely summer now and the heat is getting more intense. Perfect timing to find a new hangout – preferably one with thick walls or good air conditioning (which isn’t as much a thing in Europe as in America or – I guess – Australia). My pick are libraries – often set up in old buildings where the heat can’t get through the walls. It’s also nice and quiet and you’re surrounded by books. Other great options include museums and places near water to dangle your feet into.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen, and when in doubt, buy new. For a bit of additional glamour (as in “the stuff dreams are made of”) or faerie use glimmer or glitter along with the lotion that will make it stick to your skin better.
  • Blow bubbles!
  • Make your own lemonade, the fancier the better. I’m a big fan of rose and  lavender lemonades myself. There are so many fruit and herbs and edible flowers out there! The usual recipes for lemonades are most often a combination of lemon, something else, sugar and water. Shouldn’t be too hard, should it?
  • If there’s a rose garden or a botanical garden with a rose collection near you, visit! It’s the perfect time to take in the sweet scent. If not (or anyway) try candied rose petals (these rose-flavoured cream puffs look delicious!) or rose syrup. Maybe take a bath with rose petals or a rose-themed bath bomb.
  • If you haven’t yet finally) pack away your Winter clothes save for a jumper or light jacket. It’s summer, after all!

4 thoughts on “(Life)Style Tips in June

  1. Lots of lovely ideas! Air conditioning is a common indulgence in Australia these days. When I was a kid it was a luxury, but now people won’t go somewhere if it doesn’t have air-con, and it’s more difficult to rent or sell properties without it. I’ve read that in some countries in South-East Asia, it’s compulsory to have it in all public buildings.
    Also, checking the use-by date on your sunscreen is good advice!

    1. Yes, checking the use-by date is really important, as much as it hurts me to throw away sunscreen regularly (I ususally get a sunburn, then buy sunscreen and then it starts raining for the rest of Summer).

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