10 Things I ♥ in June

Ten Things I love in June 2016

  1. Stretching. I tend to be a bit stiff in the morning so I like to start off my day with a few stretching exercises or at least sit with my knees in butterfly pose or my legs stretched out to the sides and my elbows on the ground (or rather the bed) when checking my daily blogs before I go to uni. It’s doing wonders for me! There’s also a manga on the topic, isn’t that cute?
  2. The free Passion for Purple pattern from Hobby Lobby. I don’t crochet well enough but maybe some of you do! While the rest of us improvise by sewing together doilies and dyeing them, that is.
  3. The Real McKenzies. I used to listen to music all the time and then somehow stopped. My taste in music fluctuates a lot, but I always seem to come back to folk and punk, and in conclusion also folk punk. The Real McKenzies are my go-to music at the moment, blasting through my headphones because I have a new MP3 player, finally.
  4. My new internship. I have to do one for uni and with a little help I found one at a small museum right here in my own town. Sure I have to head up the hill each day while it’s being pretty hot outside but in the end I have a magnificent view over town and can spend my days in archives and a museum! And I start tomorrow!
  5. The amazing art of Aganetha Dyck. She puts things into beehives and works with the bees to create art. She also works with wool and cloth, but her bee projects are the most extraordinary things. I’ always fascinated by nature taking back things, and bees building hives around porcelain figures are no exception.
  6. Patches and pins from AsildaStore on Etsy. They seem to focus on being outside and analogue photography, both things I like a lot! My favourites are Have A Voice, the cute little Vintage Photographer (that looks almost like a Moomin character) and Lose The Fear.
  7. Romance in Rangoon. I’m always a fan of Gudrun Sjödén, but this collection is so perfectly Mori Kei! Of course I’m aware of the problem of the glorification of colonialism, but you have to admit that the dresses are pretty. I also love how they put drawings of the collection on every page.
  8. Look at The Colours At This Wedding! Everyone looks like they just jumped out of a fairy tale book.
  9. Moritz Jendral’s Conquest and Mythodea Photography. Looking at these pictures you hopefully understand why this is my favourite week of the year (this year is going to be amazing).
  10. The Secret History of… Books by Ari Berk. While already packing for The Move in late Summer I re-read The Secret History of Mermaids and The Secret History of Giants. Well-made “scientific” books about the fair folk (into which I’m counting giants and mermaids, too) are such a treat. I’m in desperate need for the Hobgoblin book to complete my collection (after The Move, though) and I think I’d like to read his other works, too.

6 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in June

  1. The Secret History books sound good! Beehive art is amazing! The Mythopedia event(?)looks fascinating! I really need all the dresses from that wedding! Not to mention the hair!

  2. Congratulations on the internship! I love Gudrun Sjoden too, but the prices are something else *__*

  3. I love these lists, you always put such interesting things on them that I find at least one thing I love each time. Thank you for sharing!

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