Welcome to the Workplace

Hedgefairy: Marburg Market Place in the Morning

Yesterday was the first day of my new internship. I start at 9 in the morning and I have to climb up all the way to nearly the top of the hill Marburg is built at. It’s breathtaking in more than one way, I can assure you. But in the morning the town is fairly quiet because the 25% of the populace that is students are either asleep or at Uni already and most shops open around 10 so there’s no one around yet.

Hedgefairy: Institute for Study of Religion: Portal

The institute for study of religion is a beautiful old building and no matter how out-of-breath I am I still marvel at its sight each time I reach it.

Hedgefairy: Institute for Study of Religion: Library

This is my main workplace for now: the library. Sure I’m free (and sometimes told) to scurry through the rest of the building, too, but this is the spot I work at most:

Hedgefairy: Workplace

It might look a bit drab, but the chair is comfortable, the screen is gigantic, the internet is fast and, wait for it, the view…

Hedgefairy: View from the Workplace

… is spectacular. I’m not even showing you everything yet.

I promise you more pictures as soon as my new camera arrives. Alas, yes, Suki has taken her last picture, at least for me. She still works, but the lens is scratched (shame on me for not taking better care) and half of the display stays black. I’ll give her to someone who doesn’t care about that, probably, she’s still great for snapshots. So, only cellphone camera pictures for now, but more pictures later.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Summer Solstice today! ♥


10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Workplace

  1. What a lovely “commute” and view from your desk! I think nice, sunny windows are absolutely essential for any desk job. I am glad to have a very bright office with a nice view of my museum and the random 19th-century church steeple (just the steeple) that sits in front of it! The beautiful architecture of the building where you work has that beat, though :)

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