Thrifting in June ’16

Wow, June really went by fast. I was rather reserved when it came to thrifting this month, mainly because I concentrated on L ARP stuff and because of the upcoming move at the end of Summer (you know, not accumulating too much new stuff etc.).

I found a few treasures anyway:

thrifting in June: baskets

Little baskets are something I always have use of. I’ve got two of the larger one actually, and they were a bargain so home with me they came. I think I’ll line one of the larger ones with fabric and use it for LARP-appropriate sweets come ConQuest.

thrifting in June: blouse

I’m sorry for the horrible quality of the picture, I can’t wait to have a place with better lighting. Anyway, this blouse is so bad it’s good. Probably hailing from the 80s I love the double-breasted body and the absurd, embroidered collar, I had to take it home! I plan to use it for Noio’s kit, or for Steampunk events, should the need arise. Maybe even for some more experimental Lolita outfits if I manage to sew something to make that neckline occasionally a little bit less… well, just less.


I love finding crafting material in thrift shops. I’d say this used to be yarn meant for doilies. It’s perfect for hand-sewing LARP kit, though! It’s also natural fiber so it can be dyed as well.

thrifting in June: kylix

I owe Mickey this find of a beaten-up metal kylix of sorts (she didn’t need it so she pointed it out to me) from the big thrift store in Kassel. I have no idea what exactly to use it for yet but I’ll definitely take it with me to ConQuest.


And of course I couldn’t resist when I spotted this beautiful vintage fabric (well, bed sheets, but who cares) in Marburg. It screams for me to fashion a dress out of it! The base colour is richer and deeper in colour in reality, and I love the print. Imagine what I can do with that…

Have you had any good finds this month?


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